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RH is Here! So, G M I!
The High Holidays are upon us! Wow, where did this year go!  In the coming weeks I will address some
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AEPi Bros Show The World!
AEPi Brothers at U – Tennessee Found This Last Night. We are all Standing Strong with the Bros at Tennessee,
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Summer of Hasbara!
Read These Insights From Our Summer Superstars! Hear from our students:  Annika Witt, Tufts University “Ever since my first trip
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Passover – Ready?
Rabbi Chananel’s Passover Lesson: Ready? Getting Ready? Always Ready? Born Ready!? You’ve got your wine.You’ve got your Matzah.You’ve cleaned the
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BDS Is No Match For IPW!
BDS is no match for IPW!  Pictured: Hasbara New England Coordinator Miriam with students at Northeastern’s recent Celebrate Israel party.
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14 years!
14 Years in Boston! Mazel Tov!  My dear friends, It has been 14 years since I arrived in Boston to
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This is it! The precious last few minutes of Hanukah. We’ve eaten the donuts and latkes. We’ve played with the
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Holocaust education as a core requirement
Holocaust Education Needs to be a Part of the Core Curriculum of Every College Student I meet with college students
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Show your support and triple your funds – starts now!
You can triple your giving for the next week! Dear friends, We all have heavy hearts after a gut wrenching
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Learn how to get Rich!
Want to get RICH? You don’t need the mega-millions lottery – Let me teach you how… Dear friends, I am
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