Profiles in Impact

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Here are a few of our students from this summer

talking about what they have learned so far…

Hasbara New England!!
UMASS passes the torch of leadership! From Carly (right), Miriam (left), and now to Stephanie (center), our Hasbara New England Fellows are leaders in every way!!
Let’s form a path for us, our children, and future generations so we can have peace.
These AEPi brothers just spent two weeks in Israel learning, touring, going on adventures, exploring, and living it up!



“This trip had a major impact on my Jewish identity and love for Israel. I am committed to building a stronger brotherhood and Jewish community at home and for Israel.”


My first trip to Israel! From the jeep tours to the mikvahs this is a trip of a lifetime! I have gained so much and expanded my knowledge and faith significantly.


“This trip gave me a renewed sense of my heritage and time to focus on my spiritual well being. It is great learning about Judaism covered with paintball welts!”


The best part is living in Jerusalem. I appreciated being treated as an adult and being pushed to question my identity and values. This trip gave me the opportunity to see Israel in a whole new light.


This trip teaches that in order to grow as a person you need to step out of your box. Once I stepped out of my box I finally started to grow. This was unlike any other Israel experience I’ve had and is a necessary trip for those seeking to learn more about themselves.


“This trip expanded my knowledge about Judaism and is one of the best experiences of my life. This was my first time out of the U.S. and I had no clue what to expect. I came in to this trip pretty sure I did not believe in G-d. Now I can say that I am pretty sure that I do. I will definitely recommend this trip to others.”

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