IPW 18 Update

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Israel Peace Week Takes New England!!

Our students were hard at work this week spreading the message and gaining support for Israel!

Students at Harvard, MIT, Tufts, Northeastern, Clark U., Brandeis, and BC worked diligently planning for months to raise awareness of Israel’s numerous efforts for peace.

Students engaged hundreds, if not thousands, of their peers with informational free swag (giveaways), educational cards and, engaging billboards. They ran a multitude of programs and truly spread the word – Israel Wants Peace!

Aish AEPi Summer 18 Israel Experience 

In less than one week the latest AEPi group will head to Israel for two weeks of fun, learning, touring, giving back to the land and people of Israel, and stretching their mental, spiritual, and physical limits!

There is a lot of excitement, of course!

Stay tuned on Facebook (Chananel Weiner’s page) for updates on the day to day experience!

Please Help!

Aish Campus Boston is sending over 20 students to Israel between the Hasbara, AEPi, and Aish programs this summer. Each students costs around $3,000, in some cases more, to provide the subsidies and the programming that’s necessary.

Any amount will help us be there for these students as they take the next steps in their Jewish and Pro Israel journey.

Please do your best to support our students! Thank you!

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