Passover 2018

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What is the opportunity of Passover?

Freedom. Persistence. Tenacity. Struggle. Faith. Trust. Promise. Historical Perspective. Tradition. The Ability to Overcome. Culmination. Desire. The Dreams of a Nation. Birth of a Nation.

All of the above and more are themes that are integral to Passover.

These alone can direct your entire Seder experience.

So, pick one, ponder it, and let the theme infuse your thoughts and the narrative of the day.

It is clear there is a special message to understand when it comes to the Seder:


We humans are complex. Issues we face, and the challenges of our times, are, too.

So, yes, Passover can be any and all of those things on that list simultaneously, just like you are a multi-faceted individual who has thoughts, cares, and desires that may not fit easily into the percieved “story” that is your life.

Even if our nuances are contrary to the rest of the world, Passover teaches us to hold onto our values no matter the atmosphere and powers persuading us otherwise.

The Jews of Egypt faced terrible persecution. They were distracted from their mission, and their Jewish identity was hanging by a thread.

Yet, they held on because of a promise made to their forefathers.

(This is the same promise that is as relevant today as it was yesteryear.)

It is a promise that infused their lives with the power to move forward, day after day at the lowest level of existence. And, once realized, the Jews stood at Sinai to have G-d speak to each of them, as a group – perhaps the highest level of all.

Our history is filled with difficulty and travail. Our future is likely to bring more trying times that will either spread us thinner or bring us together to be stronger.

As individuals and as a nation, we must face these tribulations holding steadfast to our values.

This is the only way to achieve the greatness we exist for.

Passover is the personal opportunity that we need to be real with G-d and Jewish values.

To reconnect and recommit ourselves to the effort necessary to bring our heritage to life, and our lives.

Share the ideas at the Seder table, and continue the story for the rest of your life.

May we all be blessed to climb to the highest levels of existence, together, as a united Jewish Nation!

Good Shabbas!! Chag Sameach – A Good Passover to you all!!


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