Fight BDS at Northeastern!

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Hasbara coordinator Robyn Frum speaking to recent Birthright attendees at Northeastern on
“How To Communicate For Israel.”
We Are Changing The Way People Look at Israel…

It’s been a busy week!

Do you ever wonder how Israel is perceived on campus?

If the reports you hear about how bad it is are true?

There are certainly times when I see reports and exclaim “no way!”

True or false, the question remains –  how do we change the narrative?

If Israel is being accused of being a baby killing, racist, ethnic cleansing state filled with blood thirsty evil Jews what can we do to combat that?

Coming this week we have an answer for the students once they get past the characterizations.

Save A Child’s Heart (SACH) is an Israeli Non Governmental Organization that performs life saving cardio related operations on children from Israel’s bordering regions.

In many of these places they do not have the ability to perform the types of procedures that are necessary for these children to live.

SACH brings them to Israel and saves their lives.

Utilizing the campus holiday of the heart this week, students on most major universities across the country will be running a special campaign with Hasbara and SACH – the #HasHeart campaign.

As usual, our students are leading the charge!

You can follow the campaign using the hashtag #HasHeart.

Local campuses participating are: Brown, Tufts, Brandeis, Northeastern, Boston University, University of Vermont, University of New Hampshire, and Clark University in Worcestor, MA.

BDS @ Northeastern is back! 

This past week we found out that the notorious Students for Justice in Palestine students at Northeastern are back at it trying to pass a student government resolution against Israel as part of their Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign.

This time they are focusing on Hewlett Packard.

We have been in the tenches crafting responses, strategizing, and working to help our students defeat this head on.

Stay tuned for updates as things unfold.

You can learn more and sign the petition here:

Click Here To Help Fight BDS At Northeastern University!
The Inaugural Life Skills Initiative Program Was AWESOME!!
This week we started our newest program – the Life Skills Initiative (LSI)

The LSI sets out to teach students skills they can employ to help themselves and others in times of distress.

In our first session we learned Jewish legal perspectives on self defense, the difference between killing and murdering, the Jewish view on the sanctity of life and much more.

Then we started our Krav Maga training so our participants understand how to react and engage in case they ever encounter physical threats.

Session 1 was terrific and we are planning 10 amazing and challenging sessions dealing with many security and safety related topics.

Perhaps you are interested in sponsoring this program? Please be in touch!


All in all it has been an exciting week.

Learning sessions, lunch meetings, campus visits, and more – There are lots of exciting things happening with Aish Campus Boston!

More to come, lots to do!

Have a Good Shabbas!!


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