Spring 18 Is Here!

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Spring 2018 is Here!

Students on every campus are back! We are so excited for Spring 2018!Our Israel activists are having amazing strategic planning meetings
(as you can see from the pics above at Clark and UMASS).Our AEPi Brothers have some great programs percolating!

Two big highlights for the coming semester are our new Life Skills Initiative program and the Israeli Hi-Tech Fairs.

The Life Skills Initiative will teach vitally important skills everyone should be aware of, with a Jewish twist!

Our innovative Israeli Hi-Tech fairs have already been held at Tufts, Northeastern, and UMASS.

Next up in New England are Harvard and Brown!

Students are also planning to get the word out about Israel’s diversity, green tech advancements, and much more.

Shabbas dinners for the students are back, too – students know where to get the good stuff!

The bottom line is that we can’t wait to get rolling!

Stay tuned throughout the semester and follow our progress.

Have a Good Shabbas!!


Here’s a short video of one of our Aish4AEPi brothers talking about his experiences on the trip this winter – Enjoy:

Aish4AEPi Participant Daniel Singer, UMASS, shares his #1 take away from this winter’s trip. Enjoy!

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