Fighting the bad guys, again…

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Some of our Aish Student Leaders gathered for a great BBQ & Brainstorming session this week! Lots of great ideas flowing from them to their friends on campus!
This week has been filled with twists and turns!

Our students are hard at work making strategic plans to combat anti semitism on their campuses and stand up for Israel. It is very exciting and their plans are amazing.

Students will be showcasing Israel’s High Tech advancements, efforts to lead the worldwide environmental movement, and spreading the truth about the threats Israelis face every day.

Our students are also coming together to learn more about Judaism, see the relevance of Jewish wisdom to their lives, and reach inside to find the true Jewish leader that’s pining to appear.

Great things are always happening with Aish Campus Boston! 

With all the excitement and progress in mind it is easy to overlook the challenges we face.

The beginning of the semester at Tufts University brought an unwelcome message to the pro Israel/Jewish students. Zionism is being compared to white supremacy and racism. Jewish students at Tufts are being intimidated and made to feel like they do not belong.

Thankfully, Hasbara New England’s leadership is on the ground working with our students at Tufts to craft thoughtful, effective, and strategic responses to change the atmosphere and reclaim campus.

There are always challenges and our students are always the ones dealing with them.

Our training and educational programs are the best to teach students to be pro Israel and proud to be Jewish.

Your support makes it all happen. Thank you very much!

Have a Good Shabbas!!

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