Do you want to fight back against anti semitism?

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We’ve known about it, but now it’s confirmed…

Dear friends,

Anti Semitism on campus is on the rise:

Do you want to fight back? The best way is to educate students on why they should be proud of their heritage and how to defend Israel.

This is not some cute ploy to get you to open your wallets to our program. This is our specialty. This is what we do.

We are the leader in building Jewish identity and creating leadership for Israel.

We are currently trying to raise $60,000 to fund our summer of Israel programs. These trips are when our students become a part of the elite of the Jewish people, learning ideas, knowledge, wisdom, and skills to embark on a lifelong journey of spirituality, activism, and self exploration. Without our program many of these same students will be lost from the Jewish people forever.

Now is the time to help us fight for our future. Please make as large a contribution as you possibly can today:

If you have questions, want to meet, want to refer our program to a potentially supportive friend, parent, or relative, please do not hesitate to be in touch.

Thank you for all you do to keep our program strong for our students!


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