Shavuos is HERE! Rabbi Chananel’s Thoughts Ahead…

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Shavuos is Here! Are you a learner?

I am reminded of an old story of an excited town that hires a new Rabbi to run their congregation. The Rabbi settled in and everything seemed great.

Some of the congregants noticed something that seemed strange in their eyes and decided to investigate. Late into the night the Rabbi could be seen in his home poring over books, reading and learning until the sun came up.

However, the congregants saw this as a sign that their rabbi wasn’t qualified because if he still had to learn than he didn’t know enough to be their rabbi! They fired the rabbi explaining he had duped them into thinking he was qualified!…

Shavuos is here and it begs the question of our approach to learning about Judaism. Is it something that we can graduate from? Is it over after our Bar(t) Mitzvahs?

Is it a life long journey of growth and understanding? Are we to broaden our minds and integrate the teachings, thoughts, ideas, and practice into all we do?

The choice is before us all as we stand together this weekend to receive the Torah on Shavuos. My Rabbi used to ask is if we knew the “opportunity” of each of the festivals? Shavuos is about learning, growing, and striving to recognize and utilize the greatness of our heritage. Tap into it and life will never be the same!

Everyone should be blessed to think about it, learn about it, and go to a new level during this special time of the year!

Chag Sameach! Good Shabbas!!


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