An Incredible Semester!! Here’s the Update!

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Our students have grown, learned, and lead on campus this past semester and we are proud of their efforts and accomplishments! 

At the end of each semester I like to provide a short summary of activities so you know the impact you are making when you support Aish Campus Boston. We had a great Spring semester and now we head to the summer season, sending students to Israel and getting geared up for the Fall.

In case you were wondering, we are now accepting contributions to support our summer Israel trips. Our first group of students left yesterday and the trip is off and running. We need to raise significant funds to cover these programs and make sure our students are provided the best programs possible. Please continue your support by making a generous contribution today – CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT AISH CAMPUS BOSTON STUDENTS!

On to the highlights!

Over 150 students attended our Shabbas events this semester. (You’ll note that this is less than usual. However, my wife’s pregnancy and the birth of our new daughter kept us really busy!)

Our women’s program is off to a great start! The JWOB (Jewish Women of Boston) program ran 3 successful events, girls are learning and growing, and the plans for the Fall look amazing.

The JMN (Jewish Medical Network) held a successful mentoring program at Boston University this semester. We are currently looking for new student leadership to bring this program to new heights!

Hasbara New England Pro Israel Activities Update:

Hasbara Fellowships Israel Shabbat

The Hasbara Fellowships New England Shabbat brought together 80 Israel Advocacy students from all across the Boston area. It was an incredible evening filled with tremendous food, inspiration and standing up for Israel.

Many of our partner organizations were present including Jewish Agency Israel Fellows who brought their Israel Advocacy Student Leaders.

Israel Peace Week

Hasbara Fellowships’s Israel Peace Week was executed at Northeastern University, University of Connecticut, Boston University, University of Massachusetts – Amherst, and Brandeis.

The Israel Advocacy groups on these campuses communicated Israel’s values through fascinating and beautiful tabling resources, handouts, and a hugely engaging Social Media Campaign where students wrote what Peace meant to them on a white boards.

Lydia Aisenberg Campus Tour

Hasbara Fellowships conducted a 3 campus tour in Boston with Peace Worker, journalist, and educator,
Lydia Aisenberg at Northeastern University, Brandeis, and a luncheon training with the new Boston University Students for Israel Board Executive Board.

Lydia spoke about her life’s work of bringing Jews and Arabs together to foster respect and understanding. Left wing campus groups were invited to participate and hear from a true mover and shaker who is actively building bridges to bring a peaceful end to the Arab/Israeli conflict one relationship at a time.

Recruiting Strategy

This semester, Hasbara Fellowships New England focused on recruiting and training the new incoming Executive Board members who will lead their Campuses Pro Israel movement. Emphasis was placed on campuses that are on watch lists for BDS, have already had BDS, or are dealing with Anti Israel Propaganda.

The leadership of Boston University Students for Israel, Northeastern University’s Huskies for Israel, and Umass-Amherst’s Student Alliance for Israel will be the majority of this year’s Boston’s Hasbara Fellows.

Impact Plans

Impact Planning in Coalition building and Social Media were successful at Brandeis and Umass-Amherst where the groups increased their Social Media campaign reach with phenomenal content. In Coalition Building, both Brandeis and Umass-Amherst Israel groups successfully reached out to a wide range of other student organizations and clubs in order to build alliances for Israel on campus.

Fighting BDS at Northeastern

In February, the student senate of Northeastern University voted down a motion for a BDS referendum to be attempted on campus. Students attended the meeting from the Pro Israel Movement and the Anti Israel, Students for Justice in Palestine and Jewish Voices for Peace.

Hasbara Fellow Harry Brodsky made an eloquent and influential speech in which he condemned the actions of SJP and Anti Israel Voices.

Anti Israel Protests 

Apartheid Weeks were held at Boston University where students built an “apartheid wall” and harassed Pro Israel students at an Independence Day celebration. A similar apartheid week with a wall was held at Boston College.

Love what we are doing? Want to support our students as they fight for the Jewish people on campus? Please give generously today! Thank you for your support!!

Rabbi Chananel Weiner
Aish Campus Boston

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